Reel Royal Revelry

Queen – it was young, it was fun, and it was predictable. And the last is completely excused because of the sheer joy and optimism the film and its queen, Rani (Kangana’s character in the film), exuded.
If you’ve seem English Vinglish, you kinda know where the film is headed. The behenji from Lajpat Nagar is younger than Sridevi’s Shashi and does more young things like drinking and dancing and staying at hostels. She triumphs in the end, values and virginity intact, all through her stay at La Paris and Amsterdam. She meets with a heart-of-gold hotel maid, Vijayalakshmi (Lisa Hayden) in Paris; shares a hostel room with three men from different countries and they become good friends. The average cine viewer gets his money’s worth of delicious glimpses of foreign lands. A few pleasant adventures later, Rani returns to India, breaks of with supercilious-mama’s boy fiancé ( played expertly by Rajkummar Yadav) and reclaims her dignity and self worth. Kudos to that.
Kangana rocks . I loved the attention to her every detail – the choice of words, the manner of delivery and every nuanced expression with which she delights the camera. Costumes – suits to a T. The Delhi locations look like they were shot in a friend’s house – very, very real. Congratulations to director Vikas Bahl and his team.
If Kangana and Lisa Hayden are not at least nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively, I shall be very surprised.


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