Sunshine YELLOW (Marathi)

An unapologetically optimistic movie about the triumphs of a child who has Down’s syndrome! Having watched this film, it would be blasphemous to say ‘suffering’ from Down’s syndrome.
Yellow is a true life story of Pune girl Gauri Gadgil, who won a Silver, in Swimming, at the Special Olympics. From being attention – deficit to manfully undergoing the rigours that make national champions, the child does it all. She never cries, and smiles at everything that comes her way. Her IQ of 65 obviously is partially responsible for this. She is slow to understand, learns only through repetition, has huge volumes of patience…and what she doesn’t like, she simply shoves into the swimming pool, and that includes her swimming coach!
The film plays out her story in detail and the audience begins to feel her mother’s tensions and delights in the uncle’s faith and commonsense view of life. Barring her father who abandoned the mother and his child, everyone else who Gauri meets is extremely helpful and joyful. This may be a tad unrealistic, but it does reinforce the idea that help for the differently-abled begins with a positive outlook. A couple of times the script falters with tedious explanations of something related to teaching special children. But that is necessary to explain to a lay audience. Moreover, the flawless performances of Mrinal Kulkarni as her mother and the inimitable Upendra Limaye as the coach who drove her to fame hide the ‘scriptly’ bumps.
The intriguingly titled film has a lot to offer in terms of real location (my beloved Pune) and some good camera work at the swimming pool. Yellow ends with Gauri Gadgil assuring people “You Can Do It” – you can offer active help to children who need it. That is the real purpose of the film – AWARENESS AND ACTION!


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